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For the 2012umball 3000 is launching from Time’s Square NY. Here are a few links, traces, vids & blogs to keep you up to date! Team Oranje #25 Website: www.teamoranje.com Twitter: @teamoranje Car: Lamborghini Murciélago LP 670-4 SV Team Ista-Jerygo #135 & #136 Website: istajerygo.com Facebook: facebook.com/istajerygo Twitter: @jerome_ds Car: Nissan R35 GT-R Car: Porsche Panamera 4S Team Galag #72 & #73 & #74 & #75 Website: teamgalag.com Facebook: facebook.com/teamgalag Twitter: @teamgalag Car: Mercedes SLS AMG Roadster (#73) Car: Lamborghini Aventador (#74) Car: AC Cobra (#75) TeamSalamone Winning #27 Website: teamsalamone-winning.com Facebook: facebook.com/TeamSalamone_Winning Twitter: @TeamSalamone Car: Lamborghini Aventador Team Autogespot #141 & 142 Website: Autogespot.com/Gumball Facebook: facebook.com/Autogespot Twitter: @Autogespot Car: Ferrari 599 GTO Car: Cadillac Escalade ESV Team Toronto #12 Facebook: facebook.com/teamtorontosls Twitter: @slsgumball3000 Car: Mercedes SLS AMG Team Puerto Rico #39 Facebook: facebook.com/Team-Puerto-Rico Car: Mercedes SL 55 AMG Team Pink Slip Website: teampinkslip.us Facebook: facebook.com/SRQSass Twitter: @srqsass Car: 1972 Cutlass Supreme Convertible Team Malibu’s Most Wanted #110 Facebook: facebook.com/Malibus-Most-Wanted Twitter: @GoldfingerL4P Car: Ferrari 458 Italia Team Pistol Pink Facebook: facebook.com/pistolpinkrocks Twitter: @Lalabambi Car: Ferrari 360 Spider Team Habibeez Website: habibeez.com Facebook: facebook.com/Habibeez Twitter: @Habibeez Gumball website: Introducing Team Habibeez Car: Mercedes SLS Team Storm Troopers (Jon Olsson & friends) #20 & #21 & #22 Website: jon-olsson.com Facebook: facebook.com/Jon-Olsson Twitter: @JonOlsson Car: Audi R8 PPI Razor GT Car: Lamborghini Gallardo Ski Transporter Car: Chevrolet Camaro SS by Torq Team DaddyCool Facebook: facebook.com/GumballTeamDaddyCool Car: Aston Martin V8 Vantage Roadster Team Monster Energy #33 Facebook: facebook.com/MonsterEnergy Twitter: @ButtsyButler Car: BMW M3 HPF Stage 4 Team Lightning McQueen #95 Facebook: facebook.com/TeamLightningMcQueen Car: Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG Team Wolfpack Facebook: facebook.com/TeamWolfpackGumball3000 Car: Audi R8 V10 Car: Nissan GTR Car: 1967 Ford Mustang Shelby GT Car: Bespoke Sprinter Van Team Delaron Facebook: teamDeLaRon Website: delaron.com Twitter: @GaryGumballer Car: Rolls-Royce Phantom Car: Rolls-Royce Drophead Team Ikuzawa #114 Website: fatale.honeyee.com/blog/mikuzawa/ Twitter: @TeamIkuzawa Car: 1957 Chevrolet Bel Air Street Rod Team Rally Fighters Facebook: facebook.com/GumballRallyFighters Car: Rally Fighter Trace: http://rallyfighter.com/track-the-rf-gumball-team/ Source
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